What Matters / Why did we end up HERE?

Why did we end up HERE?
John Mortola

John Mortola


Why did we end up HERE?

The ‘why’ is often more elusive than the ‘how’, yet it’s the why that keeps us going.

We can’t change the how, that’s history, but the why is a living thing. Our perception of the why evolves and it can seem illusive, but on occasion it comes clearly into focus. Today was one of those joyful occasions.

By nature, I am a flaneur. I love to walk, exploring urban areas. So, our nomadic lifestyle comes naturally and feeds my soul. As the saying goes, “all who wander are not lost”. We are all wanderers in this world, searching for meaning by whatever name we give it. That’s what brings me to La Jolla in October. Just the pleasure of having a beautiful place to explore for a couple of months.

What a joy to live at the beach without being tied to the experience. In December, we’ll move to Palm Springs to enjoy warmth of the desert and in April to the mountains of San Miguel de Allende to explore a totally new place. New sights, new sounds, and new people to experience…But that’s not the ‘here’ that became clear to me this week.

The here that presented itself was the ‘here’ of financial planning and wealth management where I find myself today. Four years ago Laurie invited me to become a part of her life and practice. I earned my CFP license in 1995, and even though I had been untethered from work for quite a while and enjoyed allowing myself to go where life led me, I’ve always found the process of helping clients understand their financial situation rewarding. So, the prospect of sharing that experience with Laurie was quite compelling. That’s the how. The why emerged over the past week.

Laurie and I spent two days last week sharing ideas with our colleagues at the JSW Advisors Summit in New York City. (Did you see the Times Square FB post? Talk about feeding my flaneur’s soul!) My big takeaway, aside from deepening my appreciation for the fabulous people we work with, was the company’s mission statement. “Helping people live their best lives”

In our work, it’s easy to get lost in numbers but it’s the human impact of those numbers that really matters. That’s the thing that keeps us in this profession. It’s truly a blessing to be working with a company that not only supports that aspect of the work but prioritizes it. Working together with Journey, Laurie and I have had the privilege of helping change the course of lives. That’s the ‘why that keeps us going!

Here’s part of the email that arrived this morning from clients asking us to process a transfer of funds:

Hi Laurie and John,

I hope all is well with you. We are knee deep in packing for our move at the end of the month and looking forward to settling into our little Vermont house. We are so grateful to you and John for your mentorship (and friendship) during this process. It was really generous.

We are excited and could not have made this big move without your help to get our finances and wealth plan in order. Thanks again.



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